Free WAHM Advertising? Blogging’s a Good Bet!

Unless you have been totally out of touch with what’s going on in the world, you already know a thing or two about blogs. But have you been using what you know to increase — or begin if you’re a newcomer — your online work-at-home business presence?

As fun as it may be to browse about the blogosphere sampling others’ blogs, how about dedicating those few minutes (hours?!) working on increasing your own bottom line. Blogging could be just the thing you need to: 1) to infuse life into your current work endeavors and/or 2) get your site seen so you can finally start that income stream a rollin’.

Let’s consider ways to use your blog to get free advertising:

As the title of this article suggests, use your blog to do the obvious — advertise you business. Whether you are a wahm affiliate for a company, an MLM’er, working on commission for a ‘brick and mortar’ establishment, or head of your own business, it’s pretty much mandatory (and expected) that you would have a blog.
Network with other wahm bloggers who offer complementary services and agree to promote one another’s sites on your blogs. For example, if you design websites, find wahms who offer website hosting whom you can exchange advertising with. Maybe even do a review of that company’s services and ask them to do likewise. This will give value to your readers while giving you another source of free advertising.
With so many blogs out there, getting visitors to your site can be a challenge. How about joining a blog webring. Webrings, also called blogrings for blogs, create a network of sites with a similar focus and a navigational structure that allows you to jump from site to site. You can check out and for blogging rings. is probably the best known blogring but keep in mind that for a truly professional appearance, it’s best to have your own –i.e. ‘not free’ — hosting solution. The good things about Blogger is that you can host it yourself instead of using their free platform. To find other ‘ring’ type communities conduct a search on the search engines using terms such as “your topic”+webring.
The Eyes Have It
The more people that see your site, the more you can ‘brand’ yourself and become a trusted source online. The more that people trust you, the easier it is for them to buy from you. With that understanding, here are some other sources of getting your site seen:

Blog Link Exchanges- You view other peoples’ sites and earn credits to be used toward views of YOUR site. and are examples
Blog Directories/Portals- These are large database of blogs listed by category. There are many, many of these type of sources, but a few examples are,, and Usually free to join with each offering its own unique way of interacting with it’s community of members.
While blogging may be just a passing fancy for some and an outlet for self-expression for others, for the wahm it can and should be a source for getting your business recognized in a simple, effective way without having to break the bank.

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